Antennas, Coaxial, Connectors and Mounting brackets

Elsema has a wide range of antennas manufactured by RF engineers using the latest technology and test equipment from Rohde & Schwarz.

We have our standard antennas on 151MHz, 433MHz, 915MHz, GSM, Next G and 3G that are always in stocks. Antennas come on different frequency bands, connectors or coaxial cable can be designed to meet specific customer requirements.

Antenna selection guide

Effects of VSWR on Transmitted Power

Coaxial Cable Data

Precaution to take when installing and testing antennas

915MHz mini antenna

915MHz antenna with SMA connector

Part number 915Mini
Frequency 895 to 930MHz
Length 20 cm
Gain 3.0 dBi

915Mhz Antenna

 915MHz antenna with N type connector

Part number 915S-N
Frequency 875 to 950MHz
Length 18 cm
Gain 4 dBi

915MHz small antenna

915MHz antenna with coaxial cable and SMA connector                    

Part number ANT900LP
Frequency 860 to 960MHz
Length 40 mm
Gain 3 dBi

915MHz small antenna915MHz antenna with coaxial cable and SMA connector

Part number ANT915S
Frequency 870 to 940MHz
Length 19 cm
Gain 4 dBi

High gain 915Mhz antenna

High gain 915MHz antenna with cable

and SMA connector                                                 

Part number ANT915M
Frequency 870 to 950MHz
Length 65 cm
Gain 6.5 dBi