Project Description

Keyring & Key FOB remotes

Garage door remotes
Keyring remote for garage doors, automatic gates & doors, roller doors and shutters. These remotes have state of the art technology at the cheapest price. Compatible with Penta series receivers

PentaCODE® Transmitter with External Inputs

Transmitter with external switch

4-channel PentaCODE® transmitter with terminal block to connect external normally open contact closures. You can wire in push buttons or easily integrate it into your existing equipment. Compatible with Penta series receivers

915MHz Multicode Series (Industrial Grade)

industrial remote

Industrial grade remotes with frequency hopping. Available in up to 16-channels on one hand-held remote. Operating range of up to 400m possible. Compatible with MCR915 series receivers

433MHz Gigalink® Series (Mid-Range)

433MHz remote control

Ideal for everyday application. Operating range of up to 350m possible. Compatible with GLR433 series receivers

PentaFOB® Transmitter with Raised Buttons

Industrial Transmitter with raised buttons
The FOB43302H is a Hand-held remote control in an industrial case. It has large raised buttons which can easily be pressed even while wearing industrial gloves. Compatible with Penta series receivers

433MHz PentaFOB® Wall Remote

Wireless Wall Remote

4-Button wall remote with PentaFOB® Technology. Wirelessly control lights, automatic gates and garage doors. Compatible with Penta series receivers

151MHz FMT Series (Long Range)

industrial long range transmitter

Ideal for long range industrial applications. Operating range of up to 5Km possible. Best selling transmitter for industrial applications. Compatible with FMR151 series receivers

160MHz Transmitters for New Zealand Market only. 

154MHz FM Transmitter (USA Market only)

Long range transmitter for USA / Canada

These 154 MHz transmitters are specially designed for export to the USA, no license is required (cannot be used in Australia or New Zealand). Operating range of up to 3 miles (5 Km) possible. Compatible with FMR154 series receivers

4-20mA transmitter

4-20mA transmitter

4-20mA long range industrial transmitter. Operating range of up to 5Km is possible. Ideal for noisy industrial environment. Compatible with RXA15101E receiver


remote accessories

Silicon covers, rubber boots, antennas, cases and other accessories and also available for remotes and transmitters

Wireless remote controls and transmitters for all switching applications

Elsema transmitters range from one channel to sixteen channels, which can be used for a variety of applications. From simple “ON”, “OFF” applications to industrial controls, you can find a remote for every application. If you have a custom requirement for wireless applications, we can also custom design transmitters and receivers based on your requirement.

We develop, manufacture and sell customer-orientated wireless solutions. As a supplier the company sets global standards in the field of

licence-free communications and automation technology. Our manufacturing, research and developments are driven solely by individual requirements
of our customers in our modern 1600 square metre factory located on a five acre site.

We are here for our customers, real people answer the phones and we have specialised engineers who give technical support.

See our transmitter selection guide to help you choose the correct remote/transmitter for your application.

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