Precaution to take when Mounting and Testing Antennas

  • Do not install antennas next to metal objects like downpipes.
  • Do not coil extra coaxial cable as a loop.
  • The ideal position of an antenna is as high as possible and away from any metal objects.
  • To test if the antenna is working you will need a SWR meter or Network Analyser. Do not use a volt meter as this will give incorrect results.
  • Always use 50 ohms coaxial cable like RG58. Do not use 75 ohms (RG59) or any other impendence with our antennas unless the antenna is specifically designed for that impendence. Using the wrong coaxial cable will reduce the communications range.
  • Use an SWR meter to measure the antenna SWR value in the installation position. This should be done before mounting. This allows you to easily change the position which can improve the SWR. SWR should be less than 1.5 :1. Move the antenna away from metal objects.

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