Project Description

Keyring Remote Control

FOB remotes for gate
PentaFOB® and PentaCODE® key fob remotes are ideal for garage doors, automatic gates and any other application that needs an On/Off activation.

Controllers for Automatic Gates & Doors

Control card for automatic gates

Elsema has yet again raised its standards in the automatic door and gate technology. With LCD and Intelligent Technology these are the best match for your automatic gate or door motors.

Solar Controller Kits for Automatic Gates

Solar gate kit

Our kits are assembled and designed in Australia for the Australian conditions. Using weatherproof case, deep cycle batteries and the intelligent control card.

Solar Panels

Solar Panel

Choose from 5 watt, 10 watt, 20 watt or 40 watt solar panels to suite your application. Harness the power of the sun. Ideal for remote locations, saving the cost for running power wires.

Photoelectric Beams

The photoelectric beam works with any Elsema type automatic gate or door controller cards used on sliding, swing or roller doors. It is usually used as a safety device to control automatic gates and doors.

Receivers for PentaCODE® & PentaFOB®

Garage door opener

Easy installation and even easier coding. Industry standard 6-way plug in connector for supply and output. Traditional 12 way dip-switch for easy coding or encrypted coding for high security area.

Vehicle Loop Detectors

Vehicle Loop Detector

An inductive loop detector is used to detect motor vehicles. When the motor vehicle drives over the loop, the detector senses the metal and then a relay is activated.

Pre-made Inductive Loops

Elsema has a range of Saw-Cut loops and Direct Burial loops. They are pre-formed with recommended loop sizes for commercial or domestic applications and makes installation quick and easy.

Wireless Bump Strip

Gate Safety edge Bump Strip

Safety edge bump strip is installed on the moving gate or barrier along with the transmitter. When the gate hits an obstacle, the transmitter transmits a wireless signal to the receiver to stop the gate from causing further damage.

Gear Racks For Automatic Gates

Gear rack for automatic sliding gate

Elsema’s gear racks are made from nylon fibre with steel re-enforcement. Competitively priced they are the best value for money for quality that you can trust.

Wireless Keypad-WK433

This is a battery powered wireless keypad. It is a 2-channel transmitter, which transmits a signal to the receiver when the correct code is typed.

Booster for Keyring Remotes

Repeater for keyring remotes

The repeater can repeat both PentaFOB® and PentaCODE® keyring remote controls. The operating range of these remotes can be increased to 500 metres. It can be powered by common micro USB such as phone, digital camera charges or by external AC-DC supply.

Electromagnetic Locks

Magnetic Lock

Waterproof magnetic lock for electronic sliding and swing gates. 12 or 24 Volts DC supply can be used. The lock is magnetised when voltage is applied.

Strobe Lights

Strobe lights flash when appropriate DC voltage is applied to it. These flasher lights can be used in a variety of applications such as warning lights to indicate danger. Flash rate is set at 90 flashes per minute

IP66 Rated Weatherproof Cases

Weatherproof Case

Various sizes of cases available from Elsema. Ideal for outdoor use. Rust-free, waterproof and option of transparent lid. Includes metal base plate for custom mounting.

Backup batteries

Backup Battery

Backup automatic gates and doors with batteries for hassle free operation. When used with solar panels and smart battery chargers, gives a cost effective solution.

Accessories for Automatic Gates and Doors

Elsema stocks a wide range of accessories for automatic gates and doors. These products are used to make your gate or door more secure, robust and easy to operate.

Easy Setup Installation
(Large 4 Line LCD Controller)

Powerful Engine

Battery Backup
(High Capacity Li-ion Battery Optional)

Durable & Quiet Gearbox
(All Metal Gear)

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