Wireless Controls and Gate & Door Automation

Elsema products range from transmitters with one channel to sixteen channels, receivers, radio data modules, control cards for automated gates or garage doors, inductive loop detectors, antennas, power supplies, battery chargers and cases.

We develop, manufacture and sell customer-orientated wireless solutions. As a supplier the company sets global standards in the field of

licence-free communications and automation technology. Our manufacturing, research and developments are driven solely by individual requirements
of our customers in our modern 1600 square metre factory located on a five acre site.

We are here for our customers, real people answer the phones and we have specialised engineers who give technical support.

Gate & Door Automation

Automatic gates
Find all your Gate & Door automation
solutions at Elsema. From keyring remotes
to high speed industrial motor controllers.

Transmitters & Remote Controls

Keyring remotes Keyring remotes, long distance and GSM
remote control, at Elsema we have solutions to
all of your wireless needs.

wireless transmissionReceivers with 12 to 24V Supply or
direct AC mains supply. Output type
can be transistor or relay. With these
options, possibilities are unlimited.   
GSM remotesOperate your equipment form virtually anywhere, even from overseas. The GSM units give you
unlimited operating range. They can also be used for fully automatic pump control.

Two-way communication. These transceivers
have operating range of up
to 800m. Once a signal is received, an
acknowledgment is sent back to the
master unit.

Power supplyElsema stocks power packs, batteries,
solar panels, battery chargers, Solar
chargers and various transformers or
all applications.

Antennas We have our standard antennas on
27MHz, 151MHz, 433MHz, 915MHz,
GSM, Next G and 3G that are always in

Accessories for gate and door automationA wide variety of accessories are
available for our transmitters receivers
and Automatic gates and doors. If you
have special needs, feel free to contact us.