Automatic Gates and Wireless Remote Control Solutions

Elsema is a renowned name in providing a range of niche wireless remote control technologies, automatic gate and door products. Products such as wireless key fob’s, transmitters, receivers, automatic gate kits, garage door openers and accessories at affordable prices with complete customer satisfaction.


Wireless Wall Switch4-Button wall remote with PentaFOB® Technology. Wirelessly control lights, automatic gates and garage doors.
Industrial transmitter
The 151MHz series is designed to give control range of up to 5Km and is not affected by natural or man-made electrical interference. Ideal choice for heavy industrial applications.
 multicode transmitters
These “Smart” transmitters and receivers embraced the latest technology of frequency hopping, intelligent communication and loads of other features. Available up to 16 channels.
Opens gates/doors or activates electrical equipment with a free phone call. Can be operated form anywhere with a mobile phone network.
Magnetic lock, photo electric beam, backup battery, solar gate
Ease of operation and security for your property. Magnetic locks, Photo Electric Beams, Strobe lights Backup Batteries and other accessories for automatic gates.
We have a suitable antenna for all our transmitters and receivers. Using Elsema’s recommended antenna will allow you to get optimal range.