Flashing Lights

Flashing light, or warning light, on automatic gates serve as an important safety feature designed to alert pedestrians and vehicles of the gate’s operation. These lights are typically activated when the gate begins to open or close, providing a visible indication of movement and prompting individuals nearby to exercise caution. The flashing mechanism helps to prevent accidents by drawing attention to the moving gate, especially in low-visibility conditions or busy areas where the gate’s motion might not be immediately noticeable.

The flashing light are usually bright and can be seen from a distance, ensuring that anyone approaching the gate is aware of its current state and can act accordingly to avoid injury or damage. Integrating flashing lights into an automatic gate system enhances overall safety and is a standard practice in promoting secure and efficient operation of automated entrances and exits. The EL series of lights also has a loud buzzer built-in which comes ON with the light.

It can be used on trucks, carts, forklifts, automatic gates & doors, roller doors. rapid closing doors or any other application which requires a visual indication of any danger or warning.

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