Project Description

Vehicle Loop Detectors

An inductive loop detector is used to detect motor vehicles. When the motor vehicle drives over the detectors wire loop the detectors senses the metal and then a relay is activated.

This relay is connected to the motor controller card to automatically open the gate or door. Elsema sells high and medium sensitivity detectors with relay output.

Elsema has a range of Saw-Cut loops and Direct Burial loops. They are pre-formed with recommended loop sizes for commercial or domestic applications and makes installation quick and easy.

High sensitivity vehicle loop detector

High sensitivity metal detector
Part Number LD40
Supply 12-24 Volts AC/DC
Output Single relay output
User Manual

Medium sensitivity. Ideal for domestic application

Vehicle loop detector for automatic gates and doors
Part Number MD2010
Supply 12-24 Volts AC/DC
Output Single relay output
User Manual

Saw-Cut Loops with 30 metres of lead-in wire

Saw cut loop
SCL7 7.2 metre Saw-Cut Loop
SCL9 9 metre Saw-Cut Loop
SCL10 9.6 metre Saw-Cut Loop
SCL12 12 metre Saw-Cut Loop
Installation Instruction

Direct Burial Loops with 30 metres of lead-in wire

Direct Buried Loop
DBL7 7.2 metre Direct Burial Loop
DBL9 9 metre Direct Burial Loop
DBL10 9.6 metre Direct Burial Loop
DBL12 12 metre Direct Burial Loop
Installation Instruction

Loop Selection Table

pre made loop

Can’t decide on the loop size? Have a look at our loop selection table. We have done the research on loop sizes and driveway width.

Loop Selection Table

Loop Goop (Sealent)

pre made loop

Loop Goop (Sealant) is a tough and durable polyurethane resin designed to encapsulate, protect and insulate inductive loops for garage doors, gates, and parking applications.

User Manual

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