Photoelectric beam for automatic gates and doors

The photoelectric beam works with any Elsema type automatic gate or door controller cards used on sliding, swing or roller doors. The photoelectric beam for automatic gates is a crucial safety device designed to enhance security and prevent accidents around automated gate systems. This device operates using a simple yet effective principle: it consists of a pair of units, one emitter and one receiver, which are installed on opposite sides of the gate’s path. The emitter sends a continuous infrared light beam to the receiver. When the beam is unobstructed, the gate operates normally, opening and closing as commanded. However, if an object, person, or vehicle interrupts the beam, the device immediately sends a signal to the gate controller to halt its operation or reverse its motion, thereby preventing potential damage or injury.

This safety mechanism is particularly valuable in busy environments where children, pets, or vehicles are likely to be present near the moving gates. The photoelectric beam device is designed to be highly sensitive and responsive, ensuring that even small obstructions trigger the safety response. It is an indispensable component of a modern automatic gate system, contributing significantly to the overall safety and efficiency of the operation. Its easy installation and maintenance make it a preferred choice for residential, commercial, and industrial gate applications, providing peace of mind with an added layer of protection against accidents.

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