Automatic Solar Gate Controllers

Automatic solar gates are powered by solar energy. There is no need to run mains power down to your gate.

Our Automatic solar gates kits are designed in Australia for the Australian conditions. With the use of a weatherproof case, deep cycle batteries and the intelligent control card, the kits will give you many years of reliable and secure use.

Things that you should know about automatic solar gate systems

For solar gate automation deep cycle batteries must be used.
Larger batteries (Higher Ah) will allow more accessories and longer operation before the next charge. This is specified as the Ampere-hour (Ah) of the battery.
The lower the current the better it is since your gates will operate longer with the solar energy. Stand-by currents are usually less than 30mA. Higher stand-by currents will consume more power from your batteries,
reducing the solar energy stored.
Elsema’s control cards are designed in Australia for the Australian conditions. Most of the other control cards on the market are imported from Asia and Europe and are not suitable for the Australian conditions.
For gate or door automation a 20 or 40 watt panel is usually used. The size will depend on many factors. You can call Elsema’s solar engineer who will guide you to the correct size.

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