Long Range Wireless Transmitter for Switching Applications

These advanced long range wireless transmitters are engineered to provide an impressive operating range of up to 3 miles (5 kilometres), ensuring reliable remote operation over extensive distances. The transmitters operate at a frequency of 154 MHz, tailored specifically for export to the United States market. They have received FCC approval, highlighting their compliance with regulatory standards, and remarkably, they do not require any licensing for operation.

Notably, they operate license-free, streamlining their use across various applications. (For compatibility in Australia and New Zealand, a 151MHz FMT series is available). These versatile long range wireless transmitters are capable of remotely managing any electronic or electrical device, provided they are paired with the compatible FMR154 series receivers. Their ultra-low power consumption makes them an ideal choice for eco-friendly solar-powered applications, offering efficiency and reliability in remote control operations.

Receivers with 12 Volt AC/DC, 24 Volt AC/DC and 120 Volt AC supply is available.

The channel inputs can be activated by switches, toggle switches, PLC activation or any normally open (NO) type contact.

FCC approved transmitter

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