FOB Transmitter with External Inputs. FOB43301W, PentaFOB® Series

The FOB43301W is a battery-operated, single-channel PentaFOB® transmitter with external inputs. It’s designed to work with inputs from external switches or buttons, allowing users to manually trigger the transmitter’s signal. This input switch can be either Normally Open and Normally Closed type. This feature makes the FOB transmitter suitable for scenarios requiring hands-on control over signal transmission, including remote control setups, gate automation, or industrial automation via PLC control.

The inclusion of an external button serves as a manual trigger, enabling the device to send signals to receivers or control systems upon activation. This transmitter is easy to install and offers increased efficiency and adaptability, guaranteeing smooth operation. Furthermore it is an optimal choice for locations where cable installation is challenging, providing a versatile solution for innovative control needs.

The FOB43301W (FOB transmitter with external inputs) is compatible with all PCR series receivers, ensuring broad application potential.

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