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PentaFOB® Series

The Next Generation of Wireless Key Fob Remote Controls, Superior to Rolling Code Remotes

The PentaFOB® is a 433MHz wireless remote control and is also available with proximity RFID. This dual technology, 433MHz remote control + RFID allows the remote controls to be used as everyday remotes for automatic gates & doors, switching lights, garage doors, panic buttons or any other “ON” “OFF” applications and the RFID for access control. Simply swipe the PentaFOB® remote instead of the tags or access cards.

PentaFOB® Brochure
Programming Instructions
PentaFOB® Programmer

The PentaFOB® also uses frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS). This means that when a button is pressed, it simultaneously transmits the encrypted code on five different frequencies. This makes it impossible for your remote control to be interfered or jammed.

Available in 1, 2, 4 and 5 button configurations. The keyring retainer is moulded as part of the chassis using reinforced nylon making for a super sturdy keyring mount.

The PentaFOB® series is an extremely versatile remote control that can be customized through a range or configurations and colours to suit your needs. Click here to view compatible receivers.

Personalise FOB remotes to match your personal choice or your company colour. Four different colours to choose from.
Default colour is orange.

Part Number Description
FOB43301 1-Button, Keyring Remote
FOB43301L 1-Large Button, Keyring Remote
FOB43302 2-Button, Keyring Remote
FOB43304 4-Button, Keyring Remote
FOB43305 5-Button, Keyring Remote

The FOB remotes are available in different colours. Add the colour code to the end of the part

number to order a different colour. No colour code in the part number is the standard orange.

RED = Red Rose             BLU = Blue Sky           BLK = Black Pearl            xxx = Wild Orange

  • PentaFOB Programmer: add, edit and delete individual PentaFOB transmitters from the receiver’s memory.
  • Penta Receivers: Receivers for PentaFOB remotes.
  • Penta Repeater / Booster: Extends the operating range of the PentaFOB® remotes to approximately 500 metres.
  • Automatic Gates Kit: We have kits and control cards for all types of automatic gates including sliding gates, swing gates, cantilever gates, solar gates, farm gates and industrial roller doors


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