Project Description

PentaFOB® Programmer

Add, edit and delete PentaFOB® transmitters from the receiver’s memory

The PentaFOB® programmer can add, edit and delete individual PentaFOB® transmitters from the receiver’s memory. Simply plug in the USB cable on the back of the programmer and the other end of the cable to the receiver. The programmer will automatically detect the receiver model number and then display the corresponding information. With the easy-to-read 4-line large LCD the setup can be done quickly with clear instructions displayed on the screen.

The programmer has a password feature which allows you to lock the receivers to prevent any unauthorised access to the receiver’s memory.

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User Manual
PentaFOB® Log Sheet

There is a backup or restore memory chip (FOBchip) included with each programmer. This chip is used to backup or restore the contents of a receiver. When there are 100’s of transmitters programmed to a receiver the installer normally backs up the receiver memory in case the receiver is damaged or lost.

Additional backup or restore chips are sold separately.

  • Add, Edit and Delete individual PentaFOB transmitters from the receiver
  • Backup and Restore receiver’s memory to mini FOB chips
  • Easy to read with a large LCD display with back light
  • 1-touch Master control for quick and easy setup
  • 1 backup or restore chip is included
  • USB programming cable included
  • Password protect the receiver
  • Ergonomically designed case
  • No battery is required
  • Technical data click here
FOBchip: Backup and restore chip. Use this memory chip to backup or restore all programmed remotes in a receiver.

FOBcable: USB cable to connect the programmer to the Penta series receivers

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