Solar Sliding Gate Kits

  • MPPT Technology. Ultra-fast charging
  • Lithium-ion battery. High capacity.
  • Bluetooth Smart built-in
  • Real-time battery charging data
  • Suitable for gates up to 900kg

The iS900Solar24 kit uses the latest Bluetooth Smart technology with Ultra-fast MPPT charging. The mobile phone app shows you the battery status in real time, charging current, voltage and the output of the solar panel.

Solar Sliding Gate Motor Kit
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Suitable for Sliding Gates up to 900Kg

  • 1x Sliding Gate motor with Li-ion battery & Smart MPPT Solar Control
  • 3x Keyring Remotes with 5 Frequency Hopping Technology
  • 4x Reinforced Nylon Gear Rack with Mounting Screws
  • 1x Long Range Reflector type Safety Beam
  • 1x 40W 24 Volt Solar Panel
  • Battery monitoring APP

Designed by Elsema in Australia

Solar Sliding Gate

Automatic Gate Motor Kits with MPPT Solar Charger

A Solar Sliding Gate Motor Kit with an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Charger represents an advanced, efficient solution for automating sliding gates using the power of the sun, optimized for maximum energy efficiency. This comprehensive kit includes a high-quality sliding gate motor, solar panels, an MPPT solar charger, a battery for energy storage, and necessary control circuitry. The MPPT charger is a key component, designed to extract the maximum possible power from the solar panels by adjusting the electrical operating point of the modules or array.

Unlike traditional solar chargers, an MPPT charger continuously monitors the solar panel output and adjusts the charge rate to ensure the most efficient power transfer to the battery, significantly increasing the system’s overall efficiency. This is particularly beneficial in varying weather conditions, ensuring that the gate operates reliably throughout the day and night.

Ideal for residential, agricultural, or commercial properties, especially in areas where access to the electrical grid is challenging or for those seeking to minimize their carbon footprint and electricity bills, a Solar Sliding Gate Motor Kit with an MPPT charger offers a sustainable, powerful, and user-friendly solution. It provides a secure and practical way to automate gate operations, leveraging solar power for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective approach.

Solar Sliding Gate

Solar sliding gates kit

Bluetooth connectivity for Solar Sliding Gate

Bluetooth smart built-in

Self Learning

Self Learning Using Intelligent Positioning Technology

Battey backup Solar Sliding Gate

Li-ion Battery Backup


Die-Cast Aluminium For Long Life

High Quality

Easy Installation