Heavy Industrial Sliding Gate

  • Gate weight: up to 3000Kg. Ideal for heavy industrial sliding gate.
  • Power of 3-phase motor with single-phase 240VAC input.
  • Dual contactless limit switch ensures accurate positioning.
  • Instant stop on obstruction for safety unlike other kits.
  • Eclipse® operating system for easy setup.
  • High-quality Omron VSD with Japanese design.
  • No limitation on gate length.

Our heavy industrial sliding gate motor kit, the iS3000 is an engineering wonder. It perfectly combines strength, accuracy, and safety for daily use in places like warehouses, factories, and distribution centres.

Automatic Sliding Gate motor

Suitable for Sliding Gates up to 3,000Kg

  • 1x Sliding Gate motor with Eclipse® Control Card
  • 3x Keyring Remotes with 5 Frequency Hopping Technology
  • 4x Reinforced Nylon Gear Rack with Mounting Screws
  • 1x Long Range Reflector type Safety Beam
  • Kit weight 70Kg

Designed in Australia

Automatic sliding gate motor kit

Industrial Sliding Gate Motor Kit

In today’s quick-moving industrial world, it’s crucial to keep sliding gates running smoothly and safely. Doing so is vital not just for ease but also for security and overall operation.

Since our kit uses advanced current sensing algorithm it can detect any obstruction in the gate’s path and immediately stops the gate. This improvement is a big step forward from older systems that slow down before stopping, which could cause more issues or even injuries. Additionally, we’ve added a photo-beam for extra safety, which instantly stops the gate if something crosses its path, offering more protection for people and equipment.

Since the control card uses a user-friendly interface and boasting a large LCD screen that displays all essential Variable Speed Drive (VSD) parameters in simple English, it allows for effortless adjustments with just a single touch, eliminating the need for code references or complex manuals. The result is a product that not only promises unmatched performance and reliability but also simplifies the user experience, making advanced gate control accessible and straightforward.

heavy duty gate motor kit

Powerful operators 80% Duty cycle

Smart motor control

Eclipse Operating System (EOS). Combined with Omron VSD

cantilever gate motor kit

Self Learning Using Intelligent Positioning Technology

heavy industrial sliding gate motor kit

Easy Installation