High Speed Sliding Gate Kit


  • Gate weight: up to 1,200Kg. Ideal for industrial sliding gate.
  • Power of 250Watts at 24VDC.
  • Battery Backup uninterrupted operation during power outages.
  • Contactless limit switch ensures accurate positioning.
  • Eclipse® operating system for easy setup.
  • No limitation on gate length.

The advanced current sensing algorithm detects obstructions during mid-travel and immediately stops the gate, unlike other systems that stop after ramping down, potentially causing more damage or injury. It also instantly stops the gate upon photo-beam activation.

The control card’s large LCD screen displays all parameters in simple English, easily adjustable with a single touch. No need for complex manuals.

Automatic Sliding Gate motor

Suitable for Sliding Gates up to 1,200Kg

  • 1x Sliding Gate motor with Eclipse® Control Card
  • 3x Keyring Remotes with 5 Frequency Hopping Technology
  • 4x Reinforced Nylon Gear Rack with Mounting Screws
  • 1x Long Range Reflector type Safety Beam
  • 2x 15Ah Backup Batteries included

Designed in Australia

High Speed sliding gate operator

Industrial Sliding Gate Motor Kit with Battery Backup

An Industrial Sliding Gate Motor Kit with Battery Backup is a comprehensive, high-capacity system engineered to meet the demands of heavy-duty sliding gates in industrial and commercial environments. This kit is designed to ensure continuous, reliable gate operation, crucial for security and access control in high-traffic industrial settings, even during power outages, thanks to its integrated battery backup system.

The heart of the kit is a robust sliding gate motor, capable of moving large gates that are often found at the perimeters of factories, warehouses, and commercial complexes. This motor is built to endure the rigors of daily use and adverse weather conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability. Accompanying the motor, the kit includes a sophisticated control unit that allows for customizable gate operation settings, such as speed control, auto-close functions, and programmable operation schedules to suit the specific needs of the site.

The distinguishing feature of this kit is its battery backup system. In the event of a power failure, the battery backup automatically takes over, ensuring that the gate continues to operate smoothly, maintaining security and access without interruption. This is particularly important in industrial environments where access control and security are critical around the clock

Self Learning Using Intelligent Positioning Technology

Powerful and high speed 

Die-Cast Aluminium For Long Life

Easy Installation