High Speed Industrial Sliding Gate Kit


  • Gate weight: up to 1,200Kg. Ideal for industrial automatic gates.
  • Power of 3-phase motor with single-phase 240VAC input.
  • Dual contactless limit switch ensures accurate positioning.
  • Eclipse® operating system for easy setup.
  • High-quality Omron VSD with Japanese design.
  • No limitation on gate length.

The advanced current sensing algorithm detects obstructions during mid-travel and immediately stops the gate, unlike other systems that stop after ramping down, potentially causing more damage or injury. It also instantly stops the gate upon photo-beam activation.

The control card’s large LCD screen displays all essential VSD parameters in simple English, easily adjustable with a single touch. No need for code references or complex manuals.

Automatic Sliding Gate motor

Suitable for Sliding Gates up to 1,200Kg

  • 1x Sliding Gate motor with Eclipse® Control Card
  • 3x Keyring Remotes with 5 Frequency Hopping Technology
  • 4x Reinforced Nylon Gear Rack with Mounting Screws
  • 1x Long Range Reflector type Safety Beam
  • Kit weight 35Kg

Designed in Australia

High Speed sliding gate operator

Industrial Sliding Gate Kit

This advanced kit is engineered to meet the demanding requirements of industrial and commercial settings, delivering unmatched speed and efficiency in gate operation while ensuring the utmost safety and reliability.

Central to this kit is its Japanese Variable Speed Drive (VSD), also known as an inverter, which is renowned for its exceptional efficiency, reliability, and ability to precisely control the speed of the gate’s motor. The VSD adjusts the power supplied to the motor, allowing for smooth acceleration and deceleration of the gate, thus minimizing wear on mechanical components and reducing the risk of accidents. This capability ensures that the gate moves at optimal speed, achieving rapid opening and closing times that are essential in high-traffic situations or emergency scenarios.

The integration of Dual Limit Sensors in the kit is a critical feature that enhances both safety and operational accuracy. These sensors precisely detect the gate’s open and closed positions, ensuring that it stops exactly where it should every time. This not only prevents potential damage to the gate or the motor but also contributes to the overall security of the premises by ensuring the gate fully closes or opens as intended.

Designed for heavy-duty use, the High-Speed Industrial Sliding Gate Kit with Dual Limit Sensors is the ultimate solution for sites requiring fast, efficient, and secure access control. Its robust construction, combined with advanced control technology, ensures reliable operation under the most demanding conditions, making it an indispensable asset for logistics centres, manufacturing plants, and any facility where time and security are of the essence.

Self Learning Using Intelligent Positioning Technology

Powerful and high speed 

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