Battery Chargers

Elsema battery chargers are designed to quickly and effectively charge batteries to its full capacity. They can be used for standalone solar applications or for backup systems with AC supply. The BACH12-1200 and the BACH24-1200 chargers batteries with 1.2 Amps max current while the MPPT 75/10 is a 10Amp charger with MPPT technology, designed for solar applications.

An MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charger represents a sophisticated technology designed to optimize the efficiency of your solar charging system. This advanced charger is engineered to ensure that solar panels operate at their optimum power output point, maximizing the energy they generate and effectively converting it to charge your batteries. Unlike traditional charge controllers, an MPPT charger dynamically adjusts its input to capture the maximum possible energy from the solar panels, regardless of weather conditions or the state of the battery charge.

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