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Key Fob Remotes

Elsema's next generation of key fob remote controls features over 17 billion encrypted codes, dual coding, frequency hopping, antenna diversity and customised colours and labels.


FM Series

Long range transmitters and receivers on 151MHz (For Australia), 154MHz (For USA) & 160MHz (For New Zealand)



We have a suitable antenna for all our transmitters and receivers. Using Elsema's recommended antenna will allow you to get optimal range.

Automatic Gates and Wireless Remote Control Solutions

Elsema is a renowned name in providing a range of niche wireless remote control technologies, automatic gate and door products.

Products such as wireless key fob’s, transmitters, receivers, automatic gate kits, garage door openers and accessories at affordable prices with complete customer satisfaction.

We develop, manufacture and sell customer orientated automatic gate and wireless solutions. As a supplier the company sets global standards in the field of licence free communications and automation technology. Our manufacturing, research and developments are driven solely by individual requirements of our customers in our modern 1600 square metre factory located on a five acre site.

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  • Automatic sliding gate motor kits
  • Automatic swing gate motor kits
  • Solar gate kits
  • Control cards
  • Door controls
  • Keyring Remotes
  • IP66 rated Cases
  • Solar Panels
  • Backup Batteries
  • Transmitters
  • Receivers
  • Antennas
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Suitable For Solar Applications



Indestructible Remote Controller



Equipped Lithium Battery Backup

Elsema (Electronic Service and Manufacture) was established in 1973, and has since become a leader in its industry. With cutting edge innovations used to manufacture remote controls, receivers, gate and door automation technologies.

We have always been a privately owned Australian company. Thanks to the vision and dedication of its co-founder, Otto Eigner, Elsema grew from 4 employees in 1976 to employing over 50 employees currently.

New Product Release

These are some of the new products that’s been added to Elsema’s expanding product range.

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PentaCODE® Series 433MHz

Wireless remote controls use either a fixed frequency (FF) or a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS).

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PentaCODE® Series 433MHz

Wireless remote controls use either a fixed frequency (FF) or a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS).

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Elsema Gate & Door Controls

Automatic gates or electric gates offer security, adds class, elegance and value to your property.

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“There was a lightning strike to a 100 litre water tank, through the floats and into my input chip 4011. The pcb and the float circuit is a right off.

This board was connected to one of your 151MHz transmitter pcb. AND it still works.”


“Thank you sincerely for the professional work that you and your team continue to deliver for our business and for our homes.

It is very difficult to find companies that deliver on their promise and maintain a high standard of workmanship that you and your team continue to deliver.

We are so thankful to have met you and thank you for solving our ongoing issues that we were facing with our office and at home that our original contractor could not solve.”


“Just want to touch base with you regarding the new software for the 240S1 that was put together in order to add specific features for our customer, Door Systems Ltd. The software was tested successfully yesterday (7th March) and we began shipping the product again. Thank you for your exemplary service and product support!”