Batteries for handheld remotes and backup for automatic gates

Elsema has a range of batteries for all its products. Our range includes batteries for keyring remotes to backup of 24 or 12 volts automatic gates and doors. Backup batteries combined with smart solar chargers and solar panels, provides you with a hassle free operation 24 hours a day – even during power blackouts.

3 Volt lithium battery

cr2032 button cell battery

Part Number:   CR2032
Voltage:            3 Volts
Type:                  Lithium

6 Volts alkaline battery

key-301 battery

  • Part Number: 4LR44
  • Voltage:           6 Volts
  • Type:               Alkaline
  • Replaces:        4SR44, A544, PX28L, K28L, 28L or 2CR-1/3N

9 Volts carbon battery

transmitter battery

Part Number: 6F22

Supply:            9 Volts

Type:                Carbon

Energizer 12 Volt alkaline battery

Part Number: A23

Supply: 12 Volts


12 Volt, 1.2Ah rechargable lead acid battery

Part Number: Lab12-1.2

Supply:           12 Volts, 1.2Ah
Type:               Sealed Lead Acid
Dimension:    97 x 45 x 59 mm

Energizer 9 Volts alkaline battery

remote control battery

Part Number: 6LR61

Supply:            9 Volt

Type:               Alkaline

12 Volt, 7.0Ah rechargable lead acid battery

Battery for automatic gates

Part Number: Lab12-7.0

Supply:12 Volts, 7.0Ah

Type:Sealed Lead Acid

Dimension:    151 x 65 x 98 mm

12 Volt, 2.6Ah rechargable lead acid battery

battery for automatic gates

Part Number:Lab12-2.6

Supply: 12 Volts, 2.6A

Type: Sealed Lead Acid

Dimension: 178 x 35 x 67 mm

12 Volt, 15.0Ah Deep cycle battery

Solar batteryPart Number:Lab12-15d
Supply:12 Volts, 15Ah
Type:Depp Cycle
Dimension:151 x 101 x 98 mm