Three Phase Roller Door Controller

Variable Speed Drive control for 3-phase 240VAC motor

The MCi Controller has been specifically designed to control Variable Speed Drives (VSD). Elsema’s MCi-VSD kit comes with its own Omron VSD for controlling a 3-phase 240 Volt AC motor most commonally used on Industrial Roller Doors. There are 4 different kits available for different motor sizes:

  • MCi-VSD04: Suitable for 0.4kW (1/2hp) motor
  • MCi-VSD07: Suitable for 0.75kW (1hp) motor
  • MCi-VSD15: Suitable for 1.5kW (2hp) motor
  • MCi-VSD22: Suitable for 2.2kW (3hp) motor

The MCi card only version can also be used to control almost all types of VSD’s or even contactors. The relay outputs on the MCi are voltage free contacts, allowing the user to connect it to VSD’s Open, Close & Common inputs (Forward, Reverse & Common). It can also be used to operate coils of open and close contactors.

The kit with Eclipse® Operating System (EOS) automatically does all the confusing and hard to find VSD parameters settings by simply asking the user a few questions. It also gives the user options for more advance settings, where the user can configure each parameter of the VSD. All selections are done in the EOS menu instead of the VSD. It is ideal to be used on industrial roller doors or for high speed industrial roller doors

See our iS2000 kit. VSD driven motor for High Speed Sliding Gates

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