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151MHz Analog Transmitter

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4-ch receiver with relay output
2-40mA receiver

The TXA15101E is an analog and digital 151MHz transmitter. The analog signal, normally 4-20mA is transmitted and then recreated at the receivers (RXA15101E) analog output. Also, the normally open digital contact can be simultaneously transmitted with the analog signal. This eliminates the high cost of wiring and has the flexibility of wireless data collection.


Using 151MHz has superior penetration in congested industrial environments with steel construction. Higher frequencies such as 433MHz or 915MHz tend to reflect off metal and make wireless data collection difficult.


  • 1 Analog input which is 4-20mA with 10 bit accuracy
  • 1 Digital input which is a normally open contact
  • User selectable up to 8 different frequencies
  • Compatible with RXA15101E receiver
  • Easy to program and install with code switch technology.
  • Available with durable alloy metal case, E in the part number
  • No Case version allows user to install in their own case
  • Not affected by natural or man-made electrical interference
  • User selectable sampling rate for analog input

  • Supply Voltage: 11.0 to 13.6 VDC.
  • Current Consumption: 85mA transmitting. 12mA on standby
  • Operating Frequency: 151.600MHz (8 user selectable frequencies)
  • Useable Operating Range: Up to 5000 metres, depending on installation and type of antenna used.
    Recommended antenna is Elsema ANT151M.
  • Dimensions: 90 x 56 x 15mm (PCB assembly) 140 x 60 x 34mm (enclosed)
  • Useable Receiver: Elsema type RXA15101 and RXA15101E
  • Ideal for Industrial Automation, eg Crane Control, winches, wireless cement truck operation.

Ordering Information:


Part Number Description Part Number Description
TXA15101 4-20mA Transmitter without case
TXA15101E 4-20mATransmitter enclosed in a case





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