I wish to thank Elsema for referring me to Eddie from Alpha Garage Doors who went over and above the call of duty to help me with my new remote controls. He was very helpful and finally got them to work. I highly recommend Eddie to anyone. His service was terrific and I wish him every success in the future.


Thanks for your wonderful and clever controller (MC240) I was quoted up to $1400 to replace my old Italian 240v controller, but I was able to fit Elsema’s MC240 , very easy, very intuitive and at a much lower cost.

Thanks Elsema!


Hi Elsema,

There was a lightning strike to a 100 litre water tank, through the floats and into my input chip 4011. The pcb and the float circuit is a right off.

This board was connected to one of your 151MHz transmitter pcb AND it still works.


Thank you sincerely for the professional work that you and your team continue to deliver for our business and for our homes.

It is very difficult to find companies that deliver on their promise and maintain a high standard of workmanship that you and your team continue to deliver.

We are so thankful to have met you and thank you for solving our ongoing issues that we were facing with our office and at home that our original contractor could not solve.

Many thanks again.


I just wanted to thank you very much for your support on a recent project I was manufacturing.

After faxing an overview of what I was wanting to achieve and explaining how I thought a MCT91512 could be modified, you came up with the solution.

The modification to the Transmitter was very professionally done with all the ribbon wires labelled for me to connect to rotary switches.

Finally, the circuit diagram was a real bonus.

After wiring the transmitter (using your circuit) to the control panel, I was elated as it worked perfectly without any alterations or fine tuning required.

Many Thanks,


Just want to touch base with you regarding the new software for the 240S1 that was put together in order to add specific features for our customer, Door Systems Ltd. The software was tested successfully yesterday (7th March) and we began shipping the product again. Thank you for your exemplary service and product support.

Best Regards,


I would like to give you and your company a compliment. Every order I have made gets shipped quickly. All products received have always worked without issue. Your prices make your products competitive. Your products make it possible for me to quickly automate processes within our manufacturing site. I currently use them for Andon Systems and remote control of vacuum lifts.

– Thank you


The 10 custom made receivers we received as usual were wired up extremely neat and professionally done as well as the label on the front cover.

Thanks for this as it saves us printing our own labels which we have done in the past.

– Cheers,


Riverina based company Hussat Pty Ltd has been using the T15105 and R15105 data modules to transfer soil moisture readings over distances up to 12 km.

Using the design skills of Elsema engineers the T15105 transmitter module was combined with a microcontroller and
associated electronics and firmware to build the wireless soil moisture logger (Plate 1 & 2). The logger measures the resistance of up to eight Watermark™ soil moisture sensors and sends the readings at 1200 baud via the ANT151M antenna to a R15105 receiver module at the base-station. Read More

Hussat Pty Ltd

I just wanted to send you my thanks for your help and the excellent customer service. Thanks to you, I purchased the FMR-212e and 2 remotes and successfully installed this for my father on the weekend.

My father is retired and did not relish the prospect (and cost) of replacing the entire automatic garage door opener when his very aged Stanley remote opener stopped working. He has tried several suggestions from other vendors (all unsuccessful) and was told his only option was to replace the entire system. Your solution worked first time when installed and only took minutes to install! This has been a saga over the past 3 months and you have made my father a very happy man.

Thank you once again

– Regards,


Thank you very much for your quick assistance. I will arrange to get another transmitter from one of your local distributors.

It has been a pleasure dealing with your efficient and expert customer service, something that is greatly lacking in a number of other organisations.

– Regards,

Mr. R Jones

You are wonderful, please forward the name of your boss (his email) so that I can write on your positive performance.

Thank you so much, a very rare occurrence of wonderful customer service in the world of today!!!!!

– Regards,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service in which you provided me yesterday.

It was only yesterday that I made an inquiry through your internet site regarding a PC Board. You replied within a couple of hours of me sending the email, I then replied with my payment details and delivery address and today the goods have already arrived.

It is not very often you find service at a level of this standard and you should be proud.

Once again, thank you

Thank you for your quick response.

I have been using Elsema 27 MHz transmitters and receivers for some time now out to 400/500 metres, and very happy with the product.

Last Friday I contacted the Sydney office to gain assistance with an antenna problem that I had been asked to solve. I was assisted in a very helpful manner by the technician and later had to ring again after the tech had left for the day. Your receptionist was very apologetic and said that I would have to ring back on Monday, something that was difficult because I had travelled 2 hrs to look at the job. She was able to make contact with the tech after working hours who rang back and once again was very helpful. I am very impressed by Elsema’s assistance and wanted to put my appreciation in writing. Please pass on my appreciation. I have had nothing but good experiences with your product and will continue to use and recommend your product!

I have just received my order. Thank you for your fast service.

I will gladly use your business in the future and also let others know about your company.

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