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Vehicle loop detectors Release date February 2015
Description Pre-made loop for Vehicle loop detectors
Automatic gate kits Release date October 2014
Description Special Deals Swing Gate Motor Kits & Solar Gate Kits
Outdoor LED Flashing Light Release date September 2014
Description Elsema’s Outdoor LED Flashing Lights.
Elsema catalog Release date June 2014
Description New Elsema’s Wireless Catalogue 2014/2015.
New website for elsema Release date June 2014
Description Easy to navigate website. Automatic Gates & Doors and Wireless Products.
photocell Release date March 2014
Description Best Selling Photo Electric Beams.
Release date October 2013
Description Gate & Door Controls Catalogue 2013.
Release date September 2013
Description Introducing Elsema’s Satellite® Technology!
Release date August 2013
Description PentaCODE® Keying remotes available in red colour.
Release date March 2013
Description FOB Kits now available
Release date December 2012
Description Eclipse Motor Controller. Double or Single motor controller.
Release date October 2012
Description New product releases from Elsema