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MCR91501R, Single Channel Multicode Series 915MHz Receiver

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1-ch receiver with relay output
1-ch receiver ideal for trucks
receiver in a case

This receiver gives you a single relay output with a contact rating of 8 Amps at 240VAC. Using pluggable terminal blocks, high quality SMA antenna connector and the quick mount (QM100) makes for easy installation. Also available in an IP66 rated weather proof case, MCR91501RE.


These receivers use a dual digital coding called Multicode Technology (MCT). This MCT digital coding can be either the 12-way dipswitch or the encrypted coding for high security applications.


The combination of FFH and MCT technology brings you a very sophisticated receiver yet easy to use. The FFH technology is usually used in very expensive equipment with military, medical applications.


  • Fast Frequency Hopping operates on several frequencies to avoid interference or jamming
  • Digital Coding, 12-way dipswitch or encrypted coding
  • Wide operating supply voltage and low current consumption
  • Can operate several transmitters and receivers next to each with no interferences or jamming
  • Momentary and Latching modes are user selectable
  • On-board Red LED to indicate reception of a signal
  • Crystal Controlled for high stability and accuracy

  • Supply voltage: 10 – 28 Volts AC/DC.
  • 12-way dip switch coding or one of over 17 billion encrypted codes
  • Output: One change over relay output, rated at 8 Amps 240VAC
  • Useable Transmitters: All Elsema type MCT915xx series
  • Ideal for Industrial Automation, eg Crane Control, winches, wireless cement truck operation.

Ordering Information:


Part Number Description Part Number Description
MCR91501R 1-Channel Receiver with
Relay Output.
MCR91501RE 1-Channel Receiver Enclosed
in an IP66 rated case.




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