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Multicode Series 915MHz Receivers

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Plug in receiver
1-ch plug in receiver
receiver with terminal block
2-ch plug in receiver
2-ch receiver with terminal block

This is our smallest receiver measuring 55 x 44 x 13 mm. Small but still very powerful using the latest Mosfet technology to give you two outputs with high switching current of 2 Amps at
40VDC each.


These receivers use a dual digital coding called Multicode Technology (MCT). This MCT digital coding can be either the 12-way dipswitch or the encrypted coding for high security applications.


The combination of FFH and MCT technology brings you a very sophisticated receiver yet easy to use. The FFH technology is usually used in very expensive equipment with military, medical applications.


  • Fast Frequency Hopping operates on several frequencies to avoid interference or jamming
  • Digital Coding, 12-way dipswitch or encrypted coding
  • Wide operating supply voltage and low current consumption
  • Can operate several transmitters and receivers next to each with no interferences or jamming
  • Momentary and Latching modes are user selectable
  • Available with an industry standard 6-pin connector or MCR91501PT/MCR91502PT is with terminal block for easy wiring.
  • On-board Red LED to indicate reception of a signal
  • Crystal Controlled for high stability and accuracy

  • Supply voltage: 7.0 – 36 Volts DC. DC Only
  • 12-way dip switch coding or one of over 17 billion encrypted codes
  • Output: Open Collector: Mosfet output maximum-switching 2 Amps/40 Volts DC
  • MCR91501PT/MCR91502PT is with terminal block for easy wiring.
  • Useable Transmitters: All Elsema type MCT915xx series
  • Dimensions: 54.3 x 43 x 13 mm

Ordering Information:


Part Number Description Part Number Description
MCR91501P 1-channel receiver with
6-way plug in connector
MCR91501PT 1-Channel Receiver with
Terminal Block
MCR91502P 2-channel receiver with
6-way plug in connector
MCR91502PT 2-Channel Receiver with
Terminal Block




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