PentaCODE® Series

The Next Generation of Wireless Remote Controls, Superior to Rolling Code Remotes

                                                                      KEY FOB
KEY FOB on 433MHzFOB with 2 ButtonsFOB with 4 buttonsGarage door clicker
Garage door openerAutomatic gate zapperautomatic gate openerGarage door button
Automatic gates remoteKeyring remote controlSecure KEY FOB
The PentaCODE® dual coding system gives the installer the option to use the classic 12-way dip switch coding or one of over 17 billion encrypted codes.

With the 12-way dip switch, just match the key fob remotes and the receiver’s dip switch and it’s coded. Easy, secure and simple to code.

With the encrypted code you switch all the 12- way dip switches OFF and the remote and receiver automatically goes into the encrypted coding. Click here to view compatible receivers.