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GLT2712xx 27MHz GIGALINK™ Base Station Transmitters

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Gigalink remotes
long range transmitter
2 input long range transmitter
1 watt transmitter
8-ch pump control transmitter
8-ch transmitter without Case

These base station 27MHz GIGALINK™ transmitters can operate up to 3000 metres. These GIGALINK™ transmitters can be programmed to the 27MHz Gigalink receivers.


The transmitters are available with 1, 2, 4 and 8 inputs. The transmission is secure with over 4 billion code combinations.


  • Range up to 3000m
  • Available with 1, 2 , 4 and 8 channels
  • Over 4 billion code combinations
  • Terminal blocks for easy wiring
  • Compatible with all GLR27 series receivers
  • Available with customised front label, brand it with your own company logo. NL Version
  • Available with no case to allow OEM manufacturers to use their own case. NC Version

  • Operating range of up to 3000 metres (varies upon receiver antenna & location)
  • Over 4 billion encrypted codes
  • 300mA (typical) at 12 Volts DC supply during transmission
  • Operating frequency:27.195 MHz
  • Custom print available for front label

Ordering Information:


Part Number Description Part Number Description
GLT271201E 1-Channel, High Power Transmitter GLT271202E 2-Channel, High Power Transmitter
GLT271204E 4-Channel, High Power Transmitter GLT271208E 8-Channel, High Power Transmitter
GLT271208NC 8-Channel, Transmitter
With No Case





The maximum continuous transmission time for all our transmitters is limited to five minutes to comply with local radio regulations.

To activate a receiver longer than 5 minutes, use a delay off feature in the receiver (GLR43301) and transmitter. The delay off feature in the receiver needs to be set more than the transmitter. This ensures that the transmitter keeps resetting the off delay in the receiver.

How to activate transmitter for more than 5 minutes

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