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GLR43302SS, 2 Channel Gigalink™ Series 433MHz Receiver

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2-ch receiver for automatic gate
2-ch gate receiver
receiver with terminal block

This Gigalink™ receiver gives you two open collector outputs switching to ground with a capacity of 100mA 40 VDC each. The GLR43302SS version uses an industry standard female 6-pin connector allowing you to easily integrate a receiver into your applications.


The receiver's micro-controller can store unlimited number of transmitters with a high security level using the encrypted 32-bit digital code. Included with the receiver is the Gigalink™ programming cable.



  • Two open collector output
  • Over 4 billion code combinations
  • Highly sensitive receiver input stage
  • Can store unlimited number of transmitters
  • Accepts wide supply voltage, 7.5 – 28 Volts DC and operates on low current consumption
  • Crystal controlled for high stability and performance
  • Momentary, Latching and Security Latching output modes can be selected by the user
  • SS version is available with an industry standard 6-pin connector and SST version is available with terminal blocks

  • Supply Voltage: 7.5 – 28 Volts DC. Can use Elsema DC power supply, 12PP1000.
  • Current Consumption: 11mA standby
  • Receiving Frequency: 433.920MHz (other frequencies available on request)
  • Sensitivity: Better than 1µV (for relay output to switch on)
  • Output: Two open collectors, maximum switching 100mA / 40VDC
    Use optional Relay H1 motherboard to increase switching current to 35 Amps
  • Antenna: Elsema ANT 433MHz series
  • Dimensions: 88 x 43 x 15mm
  • Useable Transmitters: All Elsema type GLT433 series
  • Ideal for Industrial Automation, eg Crane Control, winches, wireless cement truck operation.

Ordering Information:


Part Number Description Part Number Description
GLR43302SS Receiver with Standard Female
6-pin Connector
GLR43302SST Receiver with 6-way
Terminal Block.



    Gigalink programming


    Gigalink coding instructions


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