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FOB43302H, 433MHz PentaFOB® Transmitter with Raised Buttons

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2-button PentaFOB<sup>®</sup> Transmitter with Raised Buttons
Transmitter with raised buttons

The FOB43302H is a Hand-held remote control in an industrial case. It has large raised buttons which can easily be pressed even while wearing industrial gloves.


The remote comes with a robust rubber boot which protects it in an event of being dropped or accidently knocked against hard surfaces.


FOB43302H is powered by 2 x AA batteries for longer life cycle.




  • PentaFOB® remote with 2 raised buttons
  • Transmission on 5 different frequencies
  • Uses frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
  • AS/NZS 4268, CE and FCC compliant
  • Compatible with all Penta series receivers
  • Frequency hopping between 433.100 to 434.700 MHz

  • 2 x AA Battries
  • Operating frequency: 433.100 to 434.700 MHz
  • Operating range: 100 metres
  • Dimensions: 125x 75 x 35mm
  • Useable Receivers: All Elsema type Penta series

Ordering Information:


Part Number Description
FOB43302H 2-Channel, PentaFOB® Transmitter with Raised Buttons




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