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Long Range Wireless Remote Control Transmitter for Simple Switching Applications

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Long range remote
8-ch outdoor transmitter
8-ch transmitter
These 154 MHz transmitters are specially designed for export to the USA, no license required (cannot be used in Australia & New Zealand). It gives an operating range of up to 6 miles (10 Km). The transmitters can control any electronic or electrical operated device when used with the FMR154… series of receivers. It has a transmission power of 1 Watt and a current consumption of only 250mA. Ideal for solar applications requiring low current consumption.

Receivers with 12 Volt AC/DC, 24 Volt AC/DC and 120 Volt AC supply is available.

The channel inputs can be activated by switches, toggle switches, PLC activation or any normally open (NO) contact that is shorted.


FCC approved transmitter


  • FCC approved
  • Built in LED indicates transmission
  • Available with durable alloy metal case
  • Available with 8 inputs
  • Compatible with all FMR154 series receivers
  • Easy to program and install with code switch technology
  • No Case version allows user to install in their own case
  • Not affected by natural or man-made electrical interference
  • Selectable transmission modes, off delay, continuous and one burst

  • Power Source: 12 Volt DC
  • Current Consumption: 290mA at 12VDC (only when transmitting)
  • Operating Frequency: 154.600MHz
  • Dimensions: 90 x 56 x 15mm (PCB assembly), 140 x 60 x 34mm (enclosed)
  • Useable Operating Range: Up to 6 miles (10Km), depending on installation and type of antenna used. Recommended antenna is Elsema ANT154M
  • Compatible Receivers: Elsema type FMR154... series (with correct setting on the dip switch)

Ordering Information:


Part Number Description
FMT15408E 8-Channel, Transmitter Enclosed
FMT15408NC 8-Channel, Transmitter without case





The maximum continuous transmission time for all our transmitters is limited to five minutes to comply with local radio regulations.

To activate a receiver longer than 5 minutes, use a delay off feature in the receiver (FMR15401) and transmitter. The delay off feature in the receiver needs to be set more than the transmitter. This ensures that the transmitter keeps resetting the off delay in the receiver.

How to activate transmitter for more than 5 minutes



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