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Waterproof PentaFOB® Remotes

The Next Generation of Wireless Key Fob Remote Controls, Superior to Rolling Code Remotes

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Waterproof FOB Remote
Waterproof remote control
Waterproof garage remote
Waterproof KEYFOB Remote
Waterproof Remote
Waterproof Remote






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The Waterproof PentaFOB® works in conjunction with our standard PentaFOB® remotes and PCR series of receivers


The PentaFOB®WP uses frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS). This means that when a button is pressed, it simultaneously transmits the encrypted code on five different frequencies. This makes it impossible for your remote control to be interfered or jammed.


Available in 1, 2, 4 and 5 button configurations. The keyring retainer is moulded as part of the chassis using reinforced nylon making for a super sturdy keyring mount.


The PentaFOB®WP series is an extremely versatile remote control that can be customized through a range or configurations and front design to suit your needs. Click here to view compatible receivers.



  • Waterproof keyring remote control with 1, 2, 4 or 5 channels.
  • Simultaneously transmits the encrypted code on 5 different frequencies, making it impossible for the remote to be interfered with or jammed
  • Uses frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
  • One of the most secure remote controls on the market
  • Designed in Australia
  • Competitive pricing

  • Over 17 billion encrypted codes.
  • Operating range of up to 100 metres depending on building structure and receiver antenna
  • Battery life of 2 years with average use
  • Operating frequency: 433.100 to 434.700 MHz
  • Custom front designs available
  • IP Rating test report

Ordering Information:


Part Number Description
FOB43301WP 1-Button, Keyring Remote
FOB43301LWP 1-Large Button, Keyring Remote
FOB43302WP 2-Button, Keyring Remote
FOB43304WP 4-Button, Keyring Remote
FOB43305WP 5-Button, Keyring Remote

  • PentaFOB Programmer:add, edit and delete individual PentaFOB transmitters from the receiver's memory.
  • Penta Receivers: Receivers for PentaFOB remotes.
  • Penta Repeater / Booster: Extends the operating range of the PentaFOB® remotes to approximately 500 metres.
  • Automatic Gates Kit: We have kits and control cards for all types of automatic gates including sliding gates, swing gates, cantilever gates, solar gates, farm gates and industrial roller doors

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