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Automatic Sliding Gate motor

Automatic sliding gate motor kit

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Solar automatic gates are ideal for farms gates, acreage, rural dwelling and remote installations where running power cables are too costly or impossible.


The solar kit comes complete with a smart Ultra-fast MPPT solar charger, Li-Ion battery, a single 24V Solar panel, 3 PentaFOB® remotes, 4 metres of gear rack and a photo electric beam.


The iS600Solar24 kit uses the latest Bluetooth Smart technology with Ultra-fast MPPT charging. The mobile phone app shows you the battery status in real time, charging current, voltage and the output of the solar panel.


Ultra-fast MPPT charging improves energy harvest by up to 30% when compared to PWM chargers. This is a huge advantage on cloudy days, when the sun intensity is changing. Allowing you to use the solar gate in high duty cycle applications.


The Axiom iS600 motors can operate sliding gates of up to 600kg while the iS900 can operate gates up to 900kgs.


To order extra gear racks, please follow this link



  Motor ideal for solar application Solar sliding gate kit
  silent gate motor Bluetooth smart built-in
  Motor ideal for solar application Self learning using intelligent positioning
  Battery backup for automatic gate Li-ion battery
  Long lasting gate motor Die-cast aluminium for long life
  easy ti install automatic gate Easy installation