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S3 and S2 Automatic Gate Controller

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Solar gate

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Are you ready to use the next Satellite®? The Satellite® S2 and S3 was designed to give a cost effective solution for motor controllers yet still enjoy all the benefits of having just about any feature required in the automatic gate or door industry.

The S2 and S3 was built from customer feedback and using today's technology. With its rich functions, consumer friendly price and with the focus during development being ease of use and setup makes the controllers the ultimate board to control your motors.

With its low standby current it is ideally suited for solar applications.

The controller is available with an IP66 rated plastic enclosure with backup batteries, solar gate kits or card only.


  • Suitable for swing gates, sliding gates and automatic doors
  • Automatic 24 or 12 Volt DC motor operation
  • Built-in 12 and 24 Volt battery charger
  • Built-in Penta Receiver for long range remotes
  • Motor soft start and soft stop
  • Speed and force adjustment
  • Auto profiling using latest intelligent technology
  • Supports limit switch inputs or mechanical stops
  • LCD to indicate controller's status and setup instructions
  • Adjustable auto close, obstruction load and pedestrian access
  • Various inputs, push button, open only, close only, stop, pedestrian and photoelectric beam
  • Adjustable lock and courtesy light outputs
  • Variable photoelectric safety beam functions
  • Uses industry standard 6 pin receiver input
  • Energy saving mode to reduce running costs
  • Optional backup battery pack

The only difference between S2 & S3 is that the S3 control card has a built-in long range Penta receiver whereas the S2 is control card only.


Long range built in receiver

S3 - Built-in Penta® receiver S2 - Control card only


  • Small Size 140mm x 90mm (Card only)
  • Suitable for motors up to 12 Amps running current
  • Built-in battery charger
  • Twin DC outputs to supply accessories
  • Intelligent supply sensing to drive either 12 or 24 Volt DC motors
  • Can be used with or without limit switches
  • Test buttons for control inputs
  • Built-in Penta receiver with enhanced remote control signal finder (S3 model only)
  • For detailed technical data, download the user manual

Ordering Information:


Part Number Contents Part Number Contents


Single automatic gate or door controller with built in Penta receiver and 2 remotes


Single automatic gate or door controller


S3 + IP66 rated Plastic Enclosure and 24 VAC Transformer


S3 + IP66 rated Plastic Enclosure and 12 VAC Transformer


Same as 24S3E + Backup Battery


Same as 12S3E + Backup Battery

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Solar Kits for Automatic Gates


  • Automatic Gates Kit: We have kits and control cards for all types of automatic gates including sliding gates, swing gates, cantilever gates, solar gates, farm gates and industrial roller doors
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  • Photo Electric Beams: Safety device to control automatic swing gates, sliding gates, roller shutters or electronic doors from accidentally hitting people or vehicles
  • Magnetic Locks: Designed to secure any type of door or gate that closes against a fixed stop. All of our magnetic lock components are carefully designed, manufactured and tested to ensure superior quality.
  • Loop Detectors: The digital technology of the loop detector is used to detect metal objects such as motor vehicles, motor bikes or trucks. Applications are, automatically open or close swing gates, sliding gates, roller doors and garage doors when a vehicle is present. Also used in policing, traffic control or surveillance
  • GSM Gate Opener: The G-2000 works on latest 3G technology. All you need is to insert a valid SIM card and program phone numbers of all users. When an authorised user makes a call to the unit, it rejects the call and activates a relay. Since the call is rejected, the user is not charged for the call.

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