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Hydraulic Motor Kit for your Swing Gates

Automatic Swing Gate motor

Hydraulic Swing gate motor


Double swing gate motor kit     Single swing gate kit           Lock for souble swing gates     Locking Actuator           


These hydraulic motors can operate swing gates with a leaf length up to 4.0 metres and leaf weight up to 600kgs.


Ideal for commercial and light industrial gate automation.


LA24 lock should be installed when gates use hydraulic operator.


The iS320 hydraulic motors combined with intelligent electronics with Eclipse Operating System (EOS) are very competitively priced, and easy to install and setup.


Features such as Soft-start, Soft-stop, inputs for automatic vehicle detection, wireless keypads, safety beams, intercom systems and GSM opener, makes it ideal for everyday installations.



  Motor ideal for solar application Powerful Hydraulic operators
  Hydraulic operator for automatic gates Self learning using intelligent positioning
  Long lasting gate motor Eclipse Operating System (EOS). User-friendly setup
  Automatic swinging gates operator Die-cast aluminium for long life
  easy to install automatic gate Silent operation
  Australian design gate operator Easy installation