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Wireless Control your Solar Gates

Automatic Swing Gate motor

Automatic gates


Automatic swing gates Automatic single swing gate Double swing solar gate Solar swing gate


Articulated arm motors are ideal for solar powered automatic gates. The motors stop on limit switches instead of current sensing, thus perserves battery power. Elsema's solar kits use only a single solar panel and battery to run 24 Volt motors.


Solar kits are ideal for farms gates, acreage, rural dwelling and remote installations where running power cables are too costly or impossible.


Easy to install, durable, quiet operation and built to last.


The articulated arm motors can operate swing gates with a leaf length of up to 2.5 metres and leaf weight of up to 250kgs.


Solar Automatic Gates Solar powered. No need to run power cables
Automatic learning with Eclipse operating system Self learning using intelligent positioning
Low voltage gate motor Low voltage motor for safe installation
Battery backup for automatic gate Battery backup
solar powered gate Die-cast aluminium for long life
automatic gates Easy installation