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Automatic Sliding Gate motor

Automatic sliding gate motor kit

The iS2000 high speed VSD driven gate operator runs on 240VAC and can be used on gates up to 2000Kg on level ground. It is ideally suited for high usage industrial automatic gates. It can open a 9 metre gate in 14 seconds.


  • The iS2000 is driven by an industrial grade Omron VSD with only single phase 240VAC required. Optional battery back-up is also available.


    The Eclipse® operating systems advance current sensing algorithm is able to sense obstructions during mid travel and stops the gate instantly unlike other systems which stop after ramp down. This can cause more damage or injury. It also instantly stops the gate on photo electric trigger.

  • All basic VSD parameters are configured automatically on power up using Modbus protocol. More advance parameters are displayed in simple English on the control cards large LCD screen and easily changed by the 1-touch control. No need to look up codes or complicated manuals.


To order extra gear racks, please follow this link



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