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Wireless Remote Control your Gates

Automatic Sliding Gate motor

High Speed sliding gate operator

The iS1200LV high speed gate operator runs on 24VDC and can be used on gates up to 800Kg on level ground. It has option for battery back-up for operation in an event of a power failure.


  • iS1200LV is a combination of Elsema’s Eclipse® control card and Gate Drive System’s durable gate operator. It can open a 9 metre gate in 26 seconds making it ideal for high speed commercial or industrial automatic gates.


    Automatic learning allows the installer to easily and quickly setup the gate operation with most of the parameters pre-configured to suit most gates. Opening and closing speed, soft start, soft stop and almost all other parameters are adjustable with one touch control and a large 4-line LCD display.


To order extra gear racks, please follow this link



  Motor ideal for solar application Self learning using intelligent positioning
  Low voltage gate motor Low voltage motor for safe installation
  silent gate motor Ultra quiet operation yet powerful
  Battery backup for automatic gate Optional battery backup
  Long lasting gate motor Durable. Made in Australia
  easy ti install automatic gate Easy installation