151MHz Analog Transmitter and Receiver for 4-20mA Signals

The 151MHz Analog transmitter and receiver set, specifically the TXA15101E and RXA15101E, offers a substantial operational range up to 5000 meters, ensuring efficient power usage with just 85mA current consumption for the transmitter. The receiver can be powered by 12-24VAC or DC therefore it can be easily integrated into exiting setup.  Its choice of frequency minimizes interference from both natural and man-made sources, making it perfectly suited for extensive commercial and industrial uses. The system adeptly handles analog signals in the 4-20mA range, ensuring seamless transmission and reception for reliable long-distance communication. The transmitter and receiver are available in an enclosure with terminal strips for easy wiring. Recommended antenna is the ANT151M for a reliable and maximum operating range.

The analog signal, normally 4-20mA is transmitted by TXA15101E and then recreated at the receivers RXA15101E analog output.

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