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151MHz Analog Transmitter and Receiver for 4-20mA Signals

The 151MHz Analog transmitter and receiver are designed to give an operating range of up to 5000 metres with low current consumption of 85mA. The 151MHz frequency is not affected by natural or man-made electrical interference. This makes it an ideal choice for long range commercial and industrial applications..

The analog signal, normally 4-20mA is transmitted by TXA15101E and then recreated at the receivers RXA15101E analog output.


  • Transmitter and receiver

4-channel handheld long range transmitter

  • TXA15101E 4-20mA Analog Transmitter
    Supply 11 to  13.6VDC only
    Frequency 151MHz
Receiver with 1 Relay Output

    • RXA15101E 4-20mA Analog
      Supply 12.0 – 24.0 Volts AC/DC
      Frequency 151MHz

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