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PentaFOB® and PentaCODE® key fob remotes are ideal for garage doors, automatic gates and any other application that needs an On/Off activation.


Both remote types are compatible with the Penta series of receivers.


Elsema's next generation of key fob remote controls features over 17 billion encrypted codes, dual coding, frequency hopping,

antenna diversityAntenna diversity is used in the PCR range of receivers. The receivers can use two antennas to improve the quality and reliability of the wireless link. Often in urban and indoor environments, there is no clear line of sight between the remote control and receiver. Instead the signal is reflected along multiple paths before finally being received. Each of these bounces can introduce phase shifts, time delays, attenuations, and distortions that can destructively interfere with one another at the receiving antenna.

Antenna diversity is especially effective at mitigating these multi-path situations. This is because two antennas offer a receiver several observations of the same signal. Each antenna will experience a different interference environment. Thus, if one antenna is experiencing a deep fade, it is likely that other antenna has a sufficient signal. Such a system can provide a robust link with extended range. Antenna diversity is commonly used in wifi modems which can have up to three antennas.
and customised colours and labels. It's never been that easy to own your own key fob remote control. These remotes are superior to normal rolling code remotes. Optional repeater / booster is available to increase the range to 500 metres.


Operating range for these key fobs can be increased to 500 metres when used with the repeater / booster. This is ideal for long distance operation of automatic gates, farm gates, shed lights, pump control, farm irrigators and so on. The repeater / booster can also be installed in cars using micro USB phone charger cable to power it.

  • Buttons 1, 2, 4, and 5
    Battery 3 Volt Lithium Cell
    Frequency Hopping 433.1 to 434.7MHz
    Complies to AS/NZS 4268, CE and FCC
  • Buttons 2 and 4
    Battery 12 Volt
    Frequency Hopping 433.1 to 434.7MHz
    Complies to AS/NZS 4268, CE and FCC